The Apollo Intensa Emozione: $2.7M Hypercar powered by a 780hp V12!

The Apollo Intensa Emozione, called Apollo IE for short, was unveiled today! The car will be limited to only 10 production units and is meant to provide the driver with a modern yet nostalgically pure sensory experience.

• Powered by a 6.3L naturally aspirated V12 pushing 780 hp and 9,000 rpm redline.
• Top speed of 208 mph and a 0 - 60 mph in 2.7 seconds.
Brembo carbon ceramic system with 380x34 mm and a 6-piston caliper in
the front and 380x34 mm, 4-piston caliper at the rear.
• Double wishbone with full push-rod and rocker arm architecture on both the front and rear.
Michelin tires allowing the car to achieve lateral forces in excess of 2G.
• Bespoke all carbon-fibre chassis, including front and rear subframes, to create a lightweight and aerodynamically efficient shape.
• Produces extreme levels of downforce. At 300km/h the IE produces over 1,350kg of net downforce.
• Boasts aerodynamic efficiency in excess of 3.0.
• Sequential 6-speed+Rev gearbox with fully interchangeable gear ratios.
• 780 HP with 9,000 rpm redline and torque of 760 Nm.
• Production is limited to 10 units.
• Base price: $ 2,700,000.

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